Jigsaw 60

Jigsaw 60

Are you looking for a medium marquee to hire? At Jigsaw Marquees, we’re flexible in what we can offer. A marquee that is perfect for multiple needs such as a combination of seating and a dance floor, or formal seating and a bar, is the Jigsaw 60.

The Jigsaw 60 is a great combination of our Jigsaw 24 & Jigsaw 36 packages giving you space for a dance floor with bar area or a formal seating area. If you are looking to seat more guests than the Jigsaw 36 allows but do not have enough space for the Jigsaw 72.  Jigsaw Marquees can solve your medium marquee hire needs with the Jigsaw 60 package fits the bill perfectly. With our amazing range of extras the Jigsaw 60 can be converted into the ultimate party venue!

Jigsaw 60 Dimensions

6m x 6m + 4m x 6m marquee, 3m at the apex, 2m at the eaves.

Bare Marquee Price – £700.00

Package Price – £1,550.00

Our full marquee package comes as standard with:

  • Professional Marquee
  • Carpet
  • Internal Roof Lining
  • Coloured Paper Globe Lighting
  • Curtains & Tie Backs
  • Coloured Up-lighters
  • Coloured Swag or Bunting
  • Artificial Plants
  • Table Linen & Napkins

plus either the formal dining package:

  • Tables
  • Trestle Tables
  • Table Linen
  • Table Decoration
  • Chairs

Or the Party package:

  • Black & White Chequered Dance Floor
  • Disco Laser Lights
  • Side Tables

Below are 2 example layouts for the Jigsaw 60:

To find out more about the Jigsaw 60 package and our range of optional extras, or have any questions about medium marquee hire from Jigsaw Marquees please contact us or fill in the form below to request further information: